I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep since you’ve been here. I lie in bed and feel you next to me, but you’ve left. I miss the feel of your hair through my fingers, the warmth of your cheek as my fingertips dance along your jaw. I miss the softness of your lips on mine. Our bodies pressed together … More I can’t sleep

Feeling lonely

I’m happily single. I’ve tried relationships, been in love, and still I prefer the single life. I’ve mentioned previously that I never want kids, and my dream is to be the eccentric aunt who travels and brings back crazy stories of adventure and a few trinkets for her nieces and nephews and god children. Lord … More Feeling lonely

I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

So, a few weeks ago I underwent a dramatic aesthetic change. I chopped all my hair off. I went from Rapunzel to Flynn Rider… but shorter. Ok, maybe not that suave.  Let’s be real for a moment… I look like one of the Stabbington brothers banged Justin Beiber and birthed me. That delightful imagery aside, … More I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

My Eulogy

I’m pretty Death-Positive. This doesn’t mean that I think everyone should die or hail satan, and all that jazz. I’m just aware of my mortality, and my death positivity follows some fantastic bold statements that can be found over at The Order of the Good Death. One of the most important statements of death positivity … More My Eulogy

Saying Yes.

My new found financial freedom has made me act crazy. Not the kind of crazy I previously wrote about here. I mean the kind of crazy that has people who know me pretty well raising their eyebrows and quietly muttering “Well, ok…” under their breath in disbelief. I found that over the last few weeks … More Saying Yes.