Nailed It

I’m back to vlogging! I can only apologise for the lack of any sort of YouTube content, but I needed down time. At the same time it felt good to being back in front of the camera and not worrying about makeup, hair, what I was wearing… and the filming style is very… hodge-podge to … More Nailed It

Feeling lonely

I’m happily single. I’ve tried relationships, been in love, and still I prefer the single life. I’ve mentioned previously that I never want kids, and my dream is to be the eccentric aunt who travels and brings back crazy stories of adventure and a few trinkets for her nieces and nephews and god children. Lord … More Feeling lonely

Not Everyone Should Be Vego/Vegan – an upsetting and controversial stance.

Let me preface this with I’m veggo. I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 2 years now and not really showing any sign of slowing down. If anything, I’m probably becoming more disturbingly accidentally¬† consciously¬†vegan in my food practices. But I’ll be honest. I like eggs, I love honey, and creamy ice cream is fucking fantastic – … More Not Everyone Should Be Vego/Vegan – an upsetting and controversial stance.

Book Vs E-reader

Now, we know I love my books. They’re my preciouseses and I need them with, around, near and on me at all times. But I have indeed confessed to being a e-reader owner as well. I want to compile a short list of pros and cons for both, and kind of explain how (and why) … More Book Vs E-reader