Unconscious Bias and Respectful Relationships

My workplace is currently undergoing a mental health awareness and respectful relationship overhaul. We as staff are taking all manner of tests to gauge our unconscious bias to better understand what it is and how it affects the judgements we make, without realising it. The tests have been amusing, and every time I gain a … More Unconscious Bias and Respectful Relationships

Book Vs E-reader

Now, we know I love my books. They’re my preciouseses and I need them with, around, near and on me at all times. But I have indeed confessed to being a e-reader owner as well. I want to compile a short list of pros and cons for both, and kind of explain how (and why) … More Book Vs E-reader

I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

So, a few weeks ago I underwent a dramatic aesthetic change. I chopped all my hair off. I went from Rapunzel to Flynn Rider… but shorter. Ok, maybe not that suave.  Let’s be real for a moment… I look like one of the Stabbington brothers banged Justin Beiber and birthed me. That delightful imagery aside, … More I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

Moving house and the struggle of owning a library

Moving is insanely stressful. It’s time-consuming, costs a lot, and is just upsetting half the time. The main thing I hate about it is not having my books everywhere around me. It’s depressing and I hate having to put them in to boxes where anything might happen to them. Maybe that’s just me (it’s totally … More Moving house and the struggle of owning a library