My Bullet Journal – Just a Glimpse

By now there’s a solid chance you’ve heard about Bullet Journalling. Either you’ve come across it on social media, you’ve seen someone doing it, or in fact have one yourself. If you have no idea what a Bullet Journal is (more affectionately known as a Bujo), check the creators story here.

Why I Use My Bullet Journal
Every one uses their BuJo for different reasons. I am not the run of the mill Pinterest Bullet Journaler. Some of my pages are beautiful, but some are terrifyingly horrid with chicken scrawl all over them. I have no way to show case all my pages, and I also use my BuJo as a diary. I like to use it as a creative outlet, to practice calligraphy and fonts, but also just to enjoy using my notebooks. Of which I have A LOT.

A lot of people use it as an analogue calender. I use my digital calendar more often, but I love the art and the act of writing things down. Most of all, I love the art of writing things on paper in a pretty book that allows me to get weird and creative. I love being able to peruse the internet and try my hand at something beautiful someone else has already done. I like to try my best to imitate, then flip it and make it something I haven’t seen yet.

Some Trackers I Use
I’ve never been one to track medications, sleep, water intake, mood, or anything like that. Mostly because I have that shit on lock. Tracking it would be a waste of pages and a waste of my time. FOR ME. Other people find a lot of joy and a sense of control by tracking these things. That’s one of the best things about a Bullet Journal. It’s utterly your own to do as you wish with it. My trackers are things I know I’ll forget to keep tabs on. Things like recommendations, savings, and until last year – how close I was to being debt free.

The Reading Room is a very tiny reconstruction of the vast library I keep in my house. I use it to track what I want to read, recommendations people give me and books that have been sitting on my shelf, unloved and unread. As I read and finish a book, I colour it in. When a recommendation is given to me, I write it on a spine in The Reading Room. It’s  not the most imaginative of pages, and there are certainly a lot of bullet jourb=nals that have this page, or a very similar styled one, but I love it so much. Maker:S,Date:2017-10-20,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y

Another Tracker I use is the savings tracker I created for my holiday to Disneyland. I scoured the internet for ideas, something beautiful, something I could copy or print and I couldn’t find anything I liked or that embodied the love and excitement I have for this upcoming holiday. So I ripped a part a tissue box and cut out a rough star shape. I stared long and hard at a silhouette of the Disney castle. I sketched, I erased, I sketched again. The result was something I was so happy with. It’s not perfect, but dog-gone-it, I love it.


One thing that is always frustrating is the bleed through/ghosting on some books. Even with decently GSMed paper and using good, professional markers like Copics, there’s always the risk of ghosting. You learn to live with it, or you glue pages together and shorten the lifespan of your BuJo. It’s a choice we all have to make.

The next one isn’t so much of a tracker as it is a Reminder page. This page is one of my absolute favourites in the whole BuJo and it is the least creative, least imaginative page. But it’s colourful; And it’s filled with wonderful things. It’s a double page spread that reminds me of things that make me happy. Even the swearing in it makes it utterly mine and makes me smile. I have it ribboned so I can flick to it instantly, even though I know exactly where it is without looking or need of the ribbon.

Yes, I’m aware “Dad Jokes” is on there twice. That’s how much I love them.


My Struggle With Being Consistent
I am a bad Bullet Journaller. Like everything that cultivates talent and skill, I am lazy and motivation is like a passing whim. I draw when I feel like it – which is rarely. I play music when I feel like it – which is rarely. I bullet Journal when I feel like – which is sometimes. Just like my writing, if I don’t feel inspired, I simply won’t do it. I lack the drive and ability to push through the wall and just get on with it. I’d rather find something else to do. All this has lead to a low-level multi-class human with minimal skill in multiple areas. Thankfully the BuJo is not something that demands a lot fo hard work, effort, or time. It can be as beautiful, basic, extravagant, or boring as you desire.

How I Log the Months I Miss When I Forget
Like I said – consistency is not my strong suit. Sometimes I can go only hours without touching my bullet Journal, sometimes I go months without it. When the months go by I end up with a spread that looks a little like this:


It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it gives me a brief glance at what’s  coming up in the month, what I did in the previous months, and gets me back in to the swing of things.

Favourite Pages
Aside from the first three pages I showed you, here are some other pages in my BuJo that I love.

My March Page is for this month. I went outside to my garden and picked a few leaves from the trees. In Australia, we are now entering Autumn (Fall) and the leaves are starting to change and the temperature is beginning to fall. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the autumnal design. I was on a creative roll the week I created this spread. 


The next page I love is nestled next to a Vegetarian Pot Pie recipe. I glued an envelope to the page and wrote myself a letter. Thanks to my terrible memory I never remember what I put in the letter, but I do know it’s a letter of encouragement to myself. 



I’ve been Bullet Journalling for a while now, so obviously I have so many pages I could show you. I definitely took a lot of photos just in case, but I think this is a good enough insight to me as a person and how someone as scattered as me can still log and use analogue entries as catharsis, creation and reminders. In a technological world, the Bullet Journal is a nice little escape. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment. I’d love to hear about your BuJos. Do you have a nickname for it? Do you copy other Journallers? Do you use basic journalling or do you go extravagant?

I’ll leave you with the page I drew last night. 



Stay silly xx

13 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal – Just a Glimpse

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Bullet Journals are so strange. They’re a notebook meant to organise your life, but sometimes you just get so carried away with the drawing and artistic side of things you often forget to track things! They’re great fun and can take as little or as much effort as you want them too. Thanks for taking time to click the link in the Community pool and have a read. It’s greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. Hey Karen,
      Thanks for taking time to look through my post! The Disney page is one of my favourites too!
      I love the font you used for “Spring”! it’s very festive and fun! Thank you for sharing with me 🙂


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