Cardio will be the death of me.

Far out, I hate cardio. Once upon a time I was a fit little chick-a-dee. I played basketball, rugby, hockey, anything I could get my hands on, really. I was a short distance sprinter, I just did cardio naturally, but then all of a sudden my basketball career ended and I gave up on sport all together.

Over the years I got fat. I got tired and I got lazy.
Then I was tired of being tired fat and lazy and I sought help. I started attending a local gym, scouring the internet and falling down the rabbit hole of supplement stacks, routines, pro-athlete habits, etc. And it worked. I dropped 36kg in 18 months and built a lot of muscle I didn’t previously have. I dropped literally half my body size and went from a size 22 to a 10-12 Aussie sizing.

As a lot of you know, I gained a new passion and a new love – power lifting. Nothing feels quite as good as completing those final reps when you’re struggling. Then in December 2016 I severely tore my right ankle ligament. Alas, I’m still in physio for it as my whole ankle locks up and I don’t get full range of motion. In the year of recovery my weights dropped dramatically and so did my spirits. A few months ago I posted about the PT I found who gave me my mojo back.

I let myself down a bit in the last month or so and put on a bit of weight thanks to laziness and constantly injuring myself by going too hard too fast when I did go to the gym, trying to gain my previously lost progress. I stacked on 10 kilos and while a lot of people don’t notice it, I’ve noticed it. My Maid of Honour gown noticed it.

So now I have to fit in to this BEAUTIFUL gown before mid-march. I want to be able to stand next to the other bridesmaids and have ALL of us look radiant and happy in well fitted gowns so we can support the beautiful bride. That’s not going to happen if I keep gaining weight or keep bulking out with max reps in the weights room (HAHA!). Now is the time I introduce the dreaded cardio back in to the mix.

I did a Body Attack class on Monday and I am still paying for it. I am partially blaming the weights session I did in the morning before the Body Attack class in the evening; but even without the first gym sesh, I don’t think I would have coped any better exerting that much effort. In the first 5 minutes my face was beetroot red. 10 minutes in, my lungs were trying to give out on me. 12 minutes in and my legs declared war on me.

I had another 38 minutes to go. I had to chose the “option” for the less fit people in the room. Squats instead of squat jumps. Knee taps instead of high knees. I was looking around at the variety of folk in the room and they all seemed to be coping just fine. How had I let myself get this cardio-unfit? Turns out in Body Attack there is a little section where you end up running laps around the room. Once my body had accepted I was going to die there in that studio, running was suddenly the easiest thing I’d ever done. It was practically enjoyable comparably.

I left the studio knowing I would pay for the double gym session, but I felt like I had achieved something. I look forward to the next cardio session I have booked in for this weekend. It bares keeping in mind that suffering a long fellow gym goers makes the whole experience much more challenging and rewarding. It also makes it easier to survive the session because there are 5- 35 other people struggling right along side with you.

For now I’ll suffer through a home-brew yoga session to stretch everything out and go for walks to recover until the next Body Attack class.

Stay silly folks.

3 thoughts on “Cardio will be the death of me.

  1. I used to avoid gym because of the anxiety and fear that I would be the only one in there who was just starting out, and my novice status would be immediately broadcasted to whoever saw me get on the stairmaster. I haven’t worked out in a year and half, but when I had started my gym subscription, it was an impulse decision and I was surprised to find myself getting into it. I guess it was the shared silent camaraderie in the entire building by everyone, experienced and beginners, that reassured me that nobody is sniggering at me. If anything, you get people who recommend how you should pose your arms or legs to get the best out of a workout.
    I actually prefer cardio than strength workouts, but damn when there was a Zumba class at the gym one night, it was quite hard to keep up. So much for thinking I had rhythm.


    1. Zumba is hands down the fastest way to have any preconcieved ideas of rythm and timing challenged, that’s for sure!
      Thank you for reading and sharing with me. I definitely understand what it’s like to feel like the newbie, and it’s an anxiety ridden feeling. I very rarely have anyone approach me these days, and part of me is saddened by that, but also thankful. I don’t go to the gym to socialise, but I do envy people who can converse just as easily in that environment.


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