Laser Hair Removal

About a month ago I started really thinking about what I wanted to do with my money when I became debt free. I wanted to make sure I didn’t just throw the money away on frivolity, or do things I would regret or think of as not worthy. The top of my list was to start looking after me. There were all kinds of things I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never could afford to do them. One of those things was laser hair removal.

There are a few reasons laser appeals to me. First and foremost I’m lazy. I often forget to shave my underarms or epilate my legs, or tame the beast that can be downstairs. Mostly because my physical being isn’t something I think about to a minute degree. But when I do think about it, I don’t like body hair on myself. Arm hair, fine. Armpit hair – not so fine. Pubic hair, fine. An Aussie outback bushland like could host wildlife – not so fine… You get the idea. Now, I have nothing against body hair on people who like their body hair. This is just on me, personally, for my preferences on myself.

giphy-downsized (1)

The second reason laser hair removal appeals to me is I feel like an environmentalist fraud with how many disposable razors or replaceable blades I go through in a year. I like a razor to be sharp; and when dealing with…sensitive… areas, the sharper the better. Which means, best case scenario, I get about 6-8 uses out of one blade. Unless it’s my underarm razor, then I get about 12-16 uses. But that’s still not a lot. A part of me dies every time I put another blade in the bin. So much non-biodegradable waste for the sake of “beauty”. 

A third reason is cost. The cost of razors, anti-ingrown hair products, moisturizer, soothing balms etc… The cost is so high, and considering the last point, it’s higher than it really should be. Razors can cause cuts, scrapes, blemishes, and breakouts of pimples. It’s super unattractive sometimes and there are so many costs associated with all of those things – not just the purchasing of the razors themselves. When shaving goes wrong, it adds a mental toll too.

So I booked in to one of the prolific laser clinics in my area and talked deals, process, etc. It turned out to be very cost efficient, better for the environment, less products were needed, and it was less time to laser three areas I wanted than it takes to epilate just one half of one leg. So I bought the deal there and then and they did a test patch on my left underarm. I booked in for three weeks later to have the whole treatment done and here we are.

Below is a photo of my left underarm. Forgive the weird close-up-ness of it. I also have a pimple coming up from wearing a T-shirt that had tiiiny little arm holes – so the rubbing was insane. It’s not pretty. And it’s kind of owie 😦


The really cool thing about this though, is this arm has kind of had 1.5 treatments. The top half of my underarm is where they conducted the test patch. The lower half had a full treated yesterday, so the remaining hairs are visibly fried and pushing their way out to fall out naturally. In just two sessions the upper half of my underarm is struggling to have any hair. That’s super cool! It’s worked straight off the bat and I only paid $9aud for that one session of laser. $9 for both underarms, my upper lip (my moustache just wasn’t impressive enough to justify having) and my “snail trail” (belly hair). That’s the cost of a razor that wouldn’t last me 3 months. One session for three areas, for $9aud. HECK YES! For me, that’s money well spent. For a super cheap price I get permanent hair removal without the environmental damage, cost of excess products and none of the unsightly side effects of shaving. 

Let me know if you’ve experienced laser hair removal! I’m always interested to hear people’s stories. I’ll be updating on the effectiveness of the treatment in a few months when there’s been enough sessions to really prove its effectiveness!


Stay silly, folks! xx


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