Happy Anniversary!

Or do I say Happy 1st Birthday? I don’t know! I’ve never stuck at anything of my own creation for this long before! I’M SO EXCITED!

Life has gotten a bit hectic, a little depressing, and a little confusing in the last few weeks, so forgive the radio silence. We all know I’m not the most reliable blogger/vlogger, but this has been the longest stretch in quite some time. I find it a little hard to write, even rant, when I’m under pressure from my own insecurities; But that’s a topic for another blog. 

For the 1st birthday of Tirades in Teacups I went on a little adventure to The Mornington Peninsular with a good friend of mine. I’ve never been down that way and with weather at 27C and sunny with cool breezes, it was the perfect day for exploring!

I’m lying to you. The weather was amazing, and I did want to explore, so… I did. I got the bill for the website two days later and that’s when I realised it happened to be the 1 year anniversary of this scrappy little blog! I’ve always been terrible with dates and timelines, I often forget my own birthday. BUT IT WORKED OUT PERFECTLY!

At some point I’ll be putting together a quick Youtube video featuring some of our adventure. I remembered to film a little bit of the day, but so much happened that wasn’t caught on film. Again, we know I can’t be overly reliable with timelines. I am however hoping to get it done by this weekend. We can only dream. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the readers and viewers who’ve been with me from the start. A massive thank you to the new readers and watchers of my terrible content; and a big welcome to all the newbies.

Stay silly, folks! You’re the best!


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