The Set Up

As promised in the Intro video, here is a brief little post about the set up I have for the vlogs. Out of frame there is a giant gold light reflector thingy to semi balance the light coming from the light box. There’s also significantly less space than it seems between my chair and the light box, so it makes for some amusing lighting flickers.

Mark Twain and Einstein had messy spaces too…

My desk is significantly more cluttered when I’m filming and writing. I currently have two nail polish bottles, two mugs, a nail file, some concealer, a box of tissues and a glass of water on my desk; And as you can see, it’s a really tiny desk.

While I use the excuse that all the best creatives and geniuses were messy, mine is born of sheer laziness. I like things within arms reach. I do function pretty well in entropy, but I also really love organisation. Ordered organisation.

Scanning footage while watching Netflix. True multitasking.

I found a really cool application called Movavi that is super simple to use for noobs like me. It was only $50 and I really like the ease in which I can do basic editing. It also has some pretty neat features I may use later on. Excuse the terrible Alienware accessories for my terrible Alienware PC. (If anyone wants to fund me building a new PC, I’m on board with that). I took about 1.5 hours of footage to come up with the first video. While the intro video was pretty much a 4 minute blooper reel, I had a lot of fun making it and there is SO MUCH extra footage that didn’t make the cut. It did however make some fun gif sets.

Much High Def. Such Quality. Wow.

I’m using a really, really, old and basic webcam to film, so the audio is about as terrible as the image quality. But I kinda like it. I am looking at upgrading hopefully in the near future- possibly for my birthday. I’m looking at the Go Pro Hero 5 range which is a little pricey, but is super multipurpose and will hopefully last me a while. If anyone has any other suggestions, I am totally open to ideas. I do want equipment I can easily take with me places as I want to film out of the controlled environment too.

Thanks for reading and sharing this interesting new journey with me! I hope you enjoyed watching me being a bit of a twat on camera, and I hope you’re looking forward to more of it. I certainly am!

Stay silly, kids.

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