New Content!

A big problem with owning and writing a blog is coming up with (and executing) new content. While I have a lot floating around in my head, and my Bullet Journal is filled with ideas, I struggle to write about a lot of them. I’m my own worst critic and I’m also aware I’m a contradictory hypocrite. Part of me is worried anything I say will come back to bite me in the ass – another part of me doesn’t care at all.

An extract from my BuJo

I find a lot of my humour and style comes from my facial expressions and tone, and it’s hard for those to come across in writing. While I type how I speak, tone is hard to convey and facial expressions certainly pose an incredible challenge. So how do I deal with this?

I start uploading the occasional video, that’s how!

Last week I moved my space around a little and discovered I actually have enough room to create semi-adequate footage. I can’t promise the videos will go amazingly but I certainly have some plans for them. I’m looking at doing some collaboration videos with friends, interviewing a few people in my life who are doing amazingly impressive things, and also a few stand-alone conversational videos.

I should mention I have zero video editing experience and the first few videos will probably be filmed with low quality equipment until I get a better feel for what I’m doing. Hopefully you enjoy the videos, and I’ll be looking forward to getting some feedback on them so I can improve and give you the content you want.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if there is anything you want to see in particular.

Stay silly, kids.

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