A Splash of Calm With a Dash of Nerves.

I’m sat on the plane, my travel companion and I are the only westerners. The complete immersion has already begun and I’m totally thrilled. There’s something so calming yet intriguing about only understanding two to three words of the native language being spoken around me. I feel at peace, knowing all of these people are going home to their loved ones, their pets, their things. I am the foreigner now, and that is a strange, yet wonderful feeling that I’m looking forward to getting use to, but I partially hope I never do. 

I’m about to embark on my first ever holiday, and I’m nervous. I have no expectations, so the only way I could be let down is if I die before I enter the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland Shanghai; but I’ll be dead, so I guess it won’t matter and I really won’t care. I’m nervous for my traveling companion who has never witnessed an anxiety attack from me or how they manifest. I’m nervous that if something were to happen, I haven’t told those closest to me that I love them enough times,even though I try to smother my loved ones with affection. I’m nervous that if everything goes well reality will become mundane and I will be restless in my day to day life. I’m nervous, yet there is underlying calm. 

Adventure awaits, and I am ready. But first, coffee! And a 10 hours flight…

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