A New Beginning to an Old Story

Once upon a time I use to blog and write creatively on the reg.

In the prime of my young, sweet life, I would find creative inspiration in nearly everything around me, and through sheer youthful exuberance I was able to place that inspiration in to cohesive sentences and create a blog I thought was worth reading. How naive I once was. I guess you could argue I am still naive as I’ve now paid to own a web domain to force myself to be dedicated to not only myself, but the few souls around me who are brave enough to call themselves my friends.

I had been toying with the idea of expanding on my somewhat popular Facebook rants for some time when a friend asked why I don’t keep a blog. Well, I explained, I have terrible disciplinary habits when it comes to things I don’t think anyone would care about. The friend told me that it was ridiculous and I should expand on my Facebook rants and share the bizarre things that happen to me on a near weekly basis with the wider world. I thought about institutionalising said friend. However, tonight something tipped me over the edge and I thought, fuck it. It’s only money. It’s only time I use to binge watch TV Shows and Youtube. It’s only going to force me to get better habits. Why not?

So here we are. You and me, dear reader. Yourself and myself. Meself and youseself. (That felt wrong…)

I’m not too sure what brings you here and I’m only figuring this out as I go along, so bear with me as I learn. I guess it will be nice to have you hold my hand along the way and keep me company while I rant, rave, lecture, and hopefully entertain.

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