Tirades in Teacups

Delicious diatribes and caffeinated creativity

Tirades in Teacups

Delicious diatribes and caffeinated creativity.


Welcome to Tirades in Teacups.

When I first thought about starting this website/blog I was an angry-ish human looking for a public outlet. Standard social media wasn’t enough, I wanted to expand my echo chamber and let myself  loose on the world! The initial plan was to (hopefully) humourously rant and rave about things that annoyed me; People who walk too slow, people who sniff constantly instead of blowing their nose, drivers who don’t indicate… You know, the stuff we all get annoyed at but bottle up forever. I wanted to relate to the people who felt like maybe they were the only ones getting annoyed by this inane human behaviour.

Well that’s not entirely what happened. Clearly.

I left social media at the end of 2016 and I chilled out almost immediately. This very small, humble blog became my place to sound off ideas and beliefs without the advertising, filter bubble, or echo chamber feedback that is associated with every other social media.

This website is constantly undergoing changes and the topics I write about vary an insane amount. I just write whatever I want whenever I feel like it. I hope that’s alright. I found it was a lot easier to write when I felt I had something I needed to say. I’m more comfortable writing, even if poorly, when I have some knowledge, stats, or personal experience behind me. So the blogs come sporadically. They come as poems, journal entries, or even as unsolicited life advice. They are my way of trying to connect with you and my way of trying to stay sane in moments when I feel everything is crumbling around me.

I look forward to your readership, and I’m always interested to hear what you think. I love critical feedback, and you’re more than welcome to leave a comment, or contact me through the contact page. If you’re going to give feedback though, just remember: The world is pretty rubbish, so try and be radical – be kind. Be critical, give solutions to the problems you see, but, you know… Don’t be a dick about it.

You can also find me on YouTube at Tirades in Teacups.